Poetry Videos



(May 2018, 1:16 minutes) Co-directed by Fiona Tinwei Lam & Tisha Deb Pillai; written and narrated by Fiona Tinwei Lam; animated by Tisha Deb Pillai; sound design by Tinjun Niu) 




(March 2019, 2.28 minutes) Text-based short video written and directed by Fiona Tinwei Lam with animation by Nhat Truong, sound design by Tinjun Niu) 

SCREENINGS: Cadence Video Poetry Festival (2019); Cascadia Poetry Festival (2019 in Anacortes, WA); Experimental Film & Music Video Festival (2019) in Toronto; Art in Nature Festival (Seattle 2019);  REELpoetry Houston (Houston, 2020) WINNER, JUDGES’ AWARD, BEST POETRY VIDEO; VideoBardo International Video Poetry Festival (Buenos Aires, 2021 online)(Watch Your Head Screening at See You Again Festival (Toronto’s Oculus Pavilion, 2021);



Fanciful garden w pies

(February 2021, 2:03 minutes) Produced and directed by filmmakers Jack Cochran & Pam Falkenberg (Outlier Moving Pictures).  Poem and narration by Fiona Tinwei Lam  

SCREENINGS:  Cadence Video Poetry Festival (Seattle, 2021);  Film and Folklore Festival (Trinidad & Tobago 2021), MicroActs Artist Film Screenings (London, UK 2021); Alternating Currents Film Festival (Davenport, IA 2021); ABIFF Animation Bucharest International Film Festival (Romania, 2021); Midwest Poetry Festival (Madison, Wisconsin, 2021); Kinodrome (Cleveland, Ohio, 2021) WINNER, EXPERIMENTAL-POETIC or POETRY FILM; Create Flash Film Fest (Catskill, New York, 2021);  Ó Bhéal International Poetry Film Festival at the Winter Warmer Festival (Cork, Ireland, 2021);


Utility Pole 

(2021, 3:03 minutes)  Co-directed by Mary Macdonald & Fiona Tinwei Lam; Cinematography,photography, video & animation by Mary Macdonald; Written and narrated by Fiona Tinwei Lam

SCREENINGS: Nature & Culture Poetry Film Festival (Copenhagen, 2021)



August Raspberries (narrated slide show)

(January 2021, 0:56 minutes) Technical design by grade 8 student Teegan Walshe; written by narrated by Fiona Tinwei Lam

SCREENINGS: Online with Farm Folk City Folk’s Virtual Seedy Saturday Conference  (Feb 20, 2021)


Drunken Laundry Day with Charles Bukowski


(June 2016, 4:41 minutes) Poem written and narrated by Henry Doyle, produced and directed by Fiona Tinwei Lam with team of Kristen Campbell (lead animator) and Sitji Chou and Carolina Gonzales (animators), Analee Weinberger (videographer), and Tinjun Niu (sound design) 

SCREENINGS: Slideluck III Hong Kong (2016); DOXA 2017 (Vancouver); Northwest Animation Festival 2017 (Portland);  Ani’mest Festival 2017 (Bucharest); Film & Video Symposium of Video Poetry 2018 (Los Angeles); Zebra Poetry Film Festival (Muenster) 2018; Heart of the City Festival (Vancouver) 2018; So Limitless & Free Festival (Montreal) 2018 BEST NEW ART FORM FILM WINNER; Newlyn International Short Film Festival (Cornwall, England, 2019), Film and Video Poetry Symposium 2019 (Moscow, Russia)



(2012, 2:08 minutes) Animation by Toni Zhang with Claire Stewart, sound design by Tinjun Niu, written and narrated by Fiona Tinwei Lam

SCREENINGS: Visible Verse 2012 (Vancouver),  International Poetry Film Festival 2013 (Athens), Zebra International Poetry Film Festival 2014 (Berlin),  Interfilm Poetry Film Festival 2014 (Berlin), Sadho Poetry Film Festival 2015 (Delhi), Cadence Video Poem Festival 2018 (Seattle)



(2011, 1:08 minutes) Animation by Chelsea Ker and sound design by Tinjun Niu, written and narrated by Fiona Tinwei Lam

SCREENINGSVideoBardo Fourth International Festival of VideoPoetry “For the Earth” 2012 (Buenos Aires); Co-Kisser Festival 2013 (Minneapolis) BEST IN CATEGORY PRIZE (Relationships);  International Poetry Film Festival 2013 (Athens); Sadho Poetry Film Festival 2015 (Delhi); Arts in Nature Festival Aug 25-26, 2018 (Seattle) 


(2009, 2:32 minutes) Filmed by Alan Goldman, narrated and written by Fiona Tinwei Lam 
SCREENINGS:  Visible Verse 2009 (Vancouver), International Poetry Film Festival 2013 (Athens)