Possible Resources

Here are some resources that you may find helpful when you work on your City Poem Contest submission. Click on the coloured links below for more information about the resources listed..

Vancouver History



Nonfiction Books and Authors

  • John Atkin
    • The Changing City: Architecture and History Walking Tours in Central Vancouver
    • Strathcona: Vancouver’s First Neighbourhood
    • Skytrain Explorer: Heritage Walks from Every Station
  • Books by Aaron Chapman
  • Chuck Davis, The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver
  • Books by Daniel Francis
  • Gary Geddes, editor, Skookum Wawa: Writings of the Canadian Northwest
  • Gary Geddes, editor, Vancouver: Soul of A City
  • Derek Hayes, Historical Atlas of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley
  • Pauline Johnson, Legends of Vancouver
  • Books by Michael Kluckner
  • Eve Lazarus, Sensational Vancouver and Vancouver Exposed: Searching for the City’s Hidden History and her blog, Every Place Has A Story 
  • Bruce Macdonald, Vancouver: A Visual History
  • Paul Yee, Saltwater City: Story of Vancouver’s Chinese Community

Vancouver-based Poems


  • Oana Avasiloichioaei, feria
  • Wayde Compton, Performance Bond
  • George Bowering, Kerrisdale Elegies
  • Henry Doyle, No Shelter
  • Phinder Dulai, dream/arteries
  • George Fetherling, The Sylvia Hotel
  • Gary Geddes, Falsework
  • Chelene Knight, Dear Current Occupant (lyric prose/prose poetry)
  • Alex Leslie, Vancouver for Beginners
  • Daphne Marlatt, Liquidities and Vancouver Poems
  • George McWhirter, editor, A Verse Map of Vancouver
  • Philip Resnick, Footsteps of the Past
  • Allan Safarik, editor, Vancouver Poetry
  • Bren Simmers, Hastings Sunrise
  • George Stanley, Vancouver: A Poem
  • Diane Tucker, Nostalgia for Moving Parts
  • Betsy Warland, Lost Lagoon/lost in thought
  • Jim Wong Chu, Chinatown Ghosts

Individual Poems

  • Earle Birney, ““November Walk Near False Creek Mouth” in Collected Poems
  • Henry Doyle, “Washroom Journals: Prep” from No Shelter
  • Marilyn Dumont, “City View” sequence in Green Girl Dreams Mountains
  • Chelene Knight, “Dear Current Occupant, Apartment on Clark Drive, Above the Convenience Store” and “955 East 10th Avenue” in Braided Skin
  • Joy Kogawa, What do I remember of the evacuation
  • Evelyn Lau, “City Centre” from A Grain of Rice,  “The Chinese Museum” from Tumour
  • Alex Leslie, “Postcard Home from English Bay” from Vancouver for Beginners  (see end of article)
  • Lee Maracle, “I’m Home Again”
  • Tariq Malik, “X Marks the Spot” in Unmooring the Komagata Maru: Charting Colonial Trajectories
  • Michael Prior, “Minoru” ,”The Night”, “Richmond”, and “Steveston” in Burning Province
  • Philip Resnick,  “Vancouver” 
  • RC Weslowski, “PNE Love Affair” from My Soft Response to the Wars
  • Isabella Wang, “This Winter in Gastown” in Pebble Swing
  • Phoebe Wang, “The Japanese Garden” (Nitobe Memorial Garden) and “Wreck Beach” in Admission Requirements
  • Jim Wong-Chu, “hippo luck”
  • Cease Wyss, “Ode to Madeline Deighton”