Interviews & Media

Interview on North by Northwest about Odes & Laments, CBC Radio (Feb 9/20) with Sheryl MacKay (55:10 mark)

12 or 20 questions blog interview with rob mclennan (Jan 10/20)

Colophon: A Writers’ Studio Newsletter : Three Questions with Fiona Tinwei Lam (Dec/19)

Page Fright Literary Podcast about Odes & Laments with Andrew French about Odes & Laments (Nov 6/19)

Wax Poetic Interview about Odes & Laments with RC Weslowski and Lucia Misch (Oct 9/19)  CFRO 100.5 FM

Quoted (about Pablo Neruda epigraph to Odes & Laments) with All Lit Up (Sept 26/19)

BC Federation of Writers, Literary Writes Blog and interview with Cynthia Sharp, Poetry & Process (Jan7/19)

Malahat Review Interview with Katie Weaver about “Truthiness in Creative Nonfiction”

Wax Poetic Interview with Love Me True editors Jane and Fiona (March 14/18)

CKNW interview with Love Me True anthology editors Jane Silcott and Fiona on Sunday, (Feb 11/18)

Quill & Quire Interview with Love Me True anthology editors Jane Silcott and Fiona Tinwei Lam (Feb 11/18)

CBC North by Northwest interview with Love Me True anthology contributor Mandy Len Catron and Fiona Tinwei Lam (Feb 11/18 at 1:51:25 mark)

Odes to Ordinary Objects, an interview of Fiona Tinwei Lam with Kim Jernigan for The New Quarterly (Sept 2017)

CBC Radio Interview about The Rainbow Rocket with Margaret Gallagher on North by Northwest  (June 23/13, 15:45 mark)

Vancouver Co-op Radio Interview about The Rainbow Rocket and Loretta Seto’s Mooncakes (June 11/13)

CBC Radio Interview about The Rainbow Rocket with Michelle Eliot, On the Coast (May 14/13 4:50 pm)

Vancouver Co-op Radio Interview about Han Shan Poets in support of McLellan Forest with Susan McCaslin on Wax Poetic (May 8/13)

CBC Radio Interview about The Bright Well with FTL, Miranda Pearson, Elise Partridge and Betsy Warland on North by Northwest (Dec 4/11)

Interview about The Bright Well with Rob Taylor, Roll of Nickels blog (Oct 17/11)

An Interview with Shannon Cowan, and Fiona Tinwei Lam and Cathy Stonehouse,  Susan Olding,  in Proved on the Pulses: The Essay and its Literary Cousins (Apr 30/10)

Writers-in-dialogue: Ray Hsu & Fiona Tinwei Lam, Ricepaper Magazine  (Summer/09, pp 6-10)

Other Media Coverage

Chinese Tiger mom rouses controversy  Pete McMartin, The Vancouver Sun, Jan 27/11 A1 and A8.

13th Anniversary Poetry in Transit Winner, Association of Book Publishers of BC, June 7, 2010 (SheLa Morrison’s Winning Short Essay about FTL’s poem, “Camouflage”)

The mystery of Mary: Three women reflect on childbirth,  Douglas Todd, The Vancouver Sun, December 24, 2009, A1

Examining the writer mother load, Michael Kissinger, Vancouver Courier, June 11, 2008, W30

Poetry: Can you give it away?  Derek Weiler, Quill & QuireNov. 22, 2004

Poetry in motion.  Pete McMartin, The Vancouver Sun, October 27, 2004,  B1 and B7

 (Photo from The Vancouver Sun, Dec. 24/09)