Articles and Essays

When Poems Transcend the Page, The Tyee, November 4/22 

Ode to Thankfulness, The Tyee, October 10/22 (reprint)

Indigenous Brilliance is Everywhere, The Tyee, June 30/22

“Bad Days” in The Fiddlehead, Summer/22, Issue 292

“A Poetic Lens for BC’s Complex Asian Canadian History,” The Tyee, May 20/22

“Connecting to Planet Earth Through Poetry,”  The Tyee, April 22/22

“Can You Map a City Through Verse,”  The Tyee, March 16/22

“Loving Local Black Poets,”  The Tyee, Feb 11/22

Greetings from Your New Poet Laureate,The Tyee, Jan 13/22

“Warning Signs” in Maisonneuve magazine, Oct/21

“The Shadow Pandemic of Anti-Asian Racism” in The Tyee, May 7/20 

“Poet to Poet:  Writing Across Divides” (Poetry for anyone, anywhere, anytime) in WRITE magazine, Spring 2020 Vol 48 #1 pp 8-9

“Plastic Goes Concrete: Two Animated Poetry Videos about Plastic Pollution” in The Goose, Oct/20

Spectrum” in Full Grown People, Nov/17

“The Eye of the Ode” in The New Quarterly, Winter/19, Issue #149 in Full Grown People, Nov 16/17

Globe_facts_Jun11_final (1) “A Ritual of Remembrance” in The Globe & Mail, Jun/17


“Cover to Cover”  in The New Quarterly, Summer/17 Issue #143

“The Pool”  in The Summer Book anthology, Mother Tongue Press, Jun/17

Articles and Commentary in The Tyee online news magazine 2004-2020

“The Front of the Bus” in Telling Truths, Demeter Press, 2014

“Tiger in the Hornets’ Next: The Furor over Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” in Mothering in East Asian Communities: Politics and Practices, Demeter Press, 2014

“Best Interests of the Child” in The M Word,  Kerry Clare ed., Goose Lane Editions, 2014

“Invisible Mending” in How to Expect What You’re Not Expecting: Essays on Parenthood and Loss Lisa Martin-DeMoor and Jessica Hiemstra eds.,Touchwood Editions, 2013

Globe&MailScalingTheKeysScaling the piano keys” in The Globe & Mail, Dec 13/13


“Play” in Other Voices (Summer/06, vol. 19, No. 1) reprinted in Slice Me Some Truth: An Anthology of Canadian Nonfiction, Zoe Landale and Luanne Armstrong eds.,Wolsak & Wynn, 2011

The Front of the Bus”   Sunday Edition, CBC Radio, Oct 26/08

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“Playing for Time” in The Globe & Mail, Aug 28/07, L6

Adopting the dim-sum strategy” in The Globe & Mail,  Aug 11/06,  A18