Vancouver Poems/Vancouver History

Vancouver-based Poems


  • Oana Avasiloichioaei, feria
  • Wayde Compton, Performance Bond and 49th Parallel Psalm
  • George Bowering, Kerrisdale Elegies
  • Henry Doyle, No Shelter
  • Phinder Dulai, dream/arteries
  • George Fetherling, The Sylvia Hotel
  • Gary Geddes, Falsework
  • Chelene Knight, Dear Current Occupant (lyric prose/prose poetry)
  • Alex Leslie, Vancouver for Beginners
  • Daphne Marlatt, Liquidities and Vancouver Poems
  • George McWhirter, editor, A Verse Map of Vancouver
  • Jane Munro, False Creek
  • Philip Resnick, Footsteps of the Past
  • Allan Safarik, editor, Vancouver Poetry
  • Bren Simmers, Hastings Sunrise
  • George Stanley, Vancouver: A Poem
  • Diane Tucker, Nostalgia for Moving Parts
  • Betsy Warland, Lost Lagoon/lost in thought
  • Jim Wong Chu, Chinatown Ghosts

A Sampling of Individual Vancouver-themed Poems

  • Sadhu Binning, “Welcome” (about the Komagata Maru incident)
  • Earle Birney, “November Walk Near False Creek Mouth” in Collected Poems
  • Henry Doyle, “Washroom Journals: Prep” from No Shelter
  • Marilyn Dumont, “City View” sequence in Green Girl Dreams Mountains
  • Mercedes Eng, “how it is” (from The Capilano Review pp 8-11)
  • Chelene Knight, “Dear Current Occupant, Apartment on Clark Drive, Above the Convenience Store” and “955 East 10th Avenue” in Braided Skin
  • Joy Kogawa, What do I remember of the evacuation
  • Fiona Tinwei Lam, “Lost Stream” from Odes & Laments
  • Evelyn Lau, “City Centre” from A Grain of Rice,  “The Chinese Museum” from Tumour
  • Alex Leslie, “Postcard Home from English Bay” from Vancouver for Beginners  (see end of article)
  • Lee Maracle, “I’m Home Again”
  • Tariq Malik, “X Marks the Spot” in Unmooring the Komagata Maru: Charting Colonial Trajectories
  • Michael Prior, “Minoru” ,”The Night”, “Richmond”, and “Steveston” in Burning Province
  • Philip Resnick,  “Vancouver”  from Footsteps of the Past
  • RC Weslowski, “PNE Love Affair” from My Soft Response to the Wars
  • Isabella Wang, “This Winter in Gastown” in Pebble Swing
  • Phoebe Wang, “The Japanese Garden” (Nitobe Memorial Garden) and “Wreck Beach” in Admission Requirements
  • Jim Wong-Chu, “hippo luck”
  • Cease Wyss, “Ode to Madeline Deighton” 
  • Jennifer Zilm, “Vancouvering” in First-Time Listener 

Vancouver History



Sampling of Nonfiction Books and Authors