Shortlisted and Winning Poems

Here are the shortlisted poems in the Youth, Emerging Poets, and Established Poets categories, with links to the poems.  Poems are listed by category in alphabetical order by last name.

If you would like to watch and listen to recorded readings of these poems, visit the VPL Vancouver Poet Laureate City Poems Contest YouTube playlist, where you will see a list of video-recordings or audio-recordings by many of the poets.

🔵 Youth (Grade 12 or younger)

  • Patricia Chen, “Lost in Chinatown”   
  • Katie Evans, “Revival”
  • Isabel Hernandez-Cheng, “Lotus Flower”      🥈2nd PLACE
  • Debbie Li, “Lightless Fireflies”
    • Location: Ancient Musqueam of the c̓əsnaʔəm, 1404 SW Marine Dr.   |   Read the Poem
  • Nazifa Nawal, “Khupkhahpay’ay*: A Found Poem”
    • Location: Grandview Woodland neighbourhood    |   Read the Poem
  • Sharon Pan, “Home at Vie’s”      🥉 3rd PLACE
  • Crystal Peng, “In Google Maps, I explore Chinatown for the First Time”
  • Alice Stanciu, “The Town Where Time Stops”
  • Adrian Yue, “ending credits for an ending of ‘chinatown'”      🥇 1st PLACE

🔴 Emerging Poets

  • Christina Barber, “Victory Square Lament” 
  • Sandra Bruneau, “Alma”
    • Location: Alma Street, which runs north-south from English Bay to West 16th Avenue on the west side of the city   |   Read the Poem
  • Harper Campbell, “Near Commercial”
  • Jeremy Chu, “Entertainment”      🥇 1st PLACE
  • James Kim, “An Existence That We Can Call Home”
    • Location: The First Narrows, by what is now known as Lions Gate Bridge   |   Read the Poem
  • Vivian (Xiao Wen) Li, “The Garden, Echoes I”
    • Location: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden   |   Read the Poem
  • Vivian (Xiao Wen) Li, “The Garden, Echoes II”
    • Location: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden   |   Read the Poem
  • Angela May, single mother on hastings
    • Location: 324 Powell Street (The Lion Hotel), East Hastings, and the wider Downtown Eastside, especially via personal and familial memory   |   Read the Poem
  • Theresa Rogers, the stone artist      🥈2nd PLACE
  • Donna Seto, Contrasts      🥉 3rd PLACE

🟡 Established Poets

  • Susan Alexander, “Seńákw”      🥇 1st PLACE
  • Kelsey Andrews, “To the Otter Who Snuck into the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden and Ate the Koi”      🥉 3rd PLACE
  • Julie Emerson, “Stanley Park Fir”
  • Evelyn Lau, “Atmospheric River”
  • Barbara Pelman, “Congregation Beth Israel”
    • Location: Congregation Beth Israel, 989 West 28th Ave, off Oak Street   |   Read the Poem
  • Leslie Timmins, “The Modest Contribution of Babies to the Protest at the Member of Parliament’s Office”      🥈2nd PLACE
  • Diane Tucker, “Fat Vancouver Snow”
    • Location: Norquay Park and the Carmen Rosen sculptures across the street in the 2600-block of Kingsway   | Read the Poem

Map 1: Google Map indicating the locations for each poem. Click on the coloured pins for details of each site.

VPL Award Ceremony – Jun 11/22 – Rachel Rose presenting Youth shortlist on behalf of Bonnie Nish
VPL Award Ceremony – Jun 11/22 – Fiona Lam presenting Emerging shortlist on behalf of David Ly
VPL Award Ceremony – Jun 11/22 – Rachel Rose presenting Established shortlist