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Examples of Contemporary Canadian Poetry Videos Dealing with Place

  • Take Me Home Series: “City Centre”: a poem by former Vancouver poet laureate Evelyn Lau about the demolition of Vancouver homes, was turned into a poetry video directed by Jenn Strom which can be viewed online for free on Knowledge Network.
  • We have become children”: a poem by Al Rempel turned into a videopoem by Erica Goss.
  • Canoe”: a poem set in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, written and narrated by Kate Flaherty Marshall, with live action videography and music by Mark Korven; and “Rose Quartz also by Kate Flaherty Marshall, live action videography by Mark Korven, music by Gabe Flaherty which features sunset at Harold’s Point, Killbear Park, Ontario.
  • Drunken Laundry Day with Charles Bukowski: A Poem by Henry Doylean animated poetry video set in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, based on Henry Doyle’s poem made by a team led by Fiona Tinwei Lam with animator H. Kristen Campbell.
  • “Winter Sleep”: a poem by Sheri Benning was turned into an atmospheric poetry video by Sheri Benning, her sister Heather Benning and filmmaker Chad Galloway and shot in the Rural Municipality of Wolverine Creek in Saskatchewan.
  • “Wolf Lake”: a poem by Elizabeth Bachinsky about a young woman’s sexual assault and murder was turned into a poetry video by Michael Smith.
  • Novena”: a poem by Shirley Camia was turned into a short poetry video with the poet, animator Rosie Holtom and film editor Viktor Pesenti.  

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