Primary School Poets Rock!

It was really fun to celebrate poetry with primary school poets from University Hill Elementary with teachers Kate Sian Foreman-Ng and Andrea McEwen! The two classes both sent in poems about Pacific Spirit Park to the City Poems Contest!

After I talked about what a poet laureate is and does, I showed them some examples of my concrete poems since they had been working on concrete poems in class too. Some of the students came to the front to read their work! I bestowed a special honourable mention certificate to each of the two classes for sending in their poems to the contest.

Afterward, Kate’s class celebrated the unveiling of Morning Chirps, Morning Songs, a wonderful compilation of students’ work. Proud parents listened intently as their kids pointed out their poems and illustrations. I was very honoured to receive a copy too, which students came up to sign. You can find out more on Teacher Kate’s blog.